Kathy (E-RYT500) has studied extensively with Stephanie Snyder (500 hours), Tiffany Cruikshank (advanced trainings with Yoga Medicine(tm) completing another 500hr program), Matthew Reyes and Jason Crandell.  Her teaching-style is aligned vinyasa with a lot of anatomical knowledge and often a stronger vinyasa flow with athletic options and energetic music with a dash of dharma or spiritual teachings to weave some purpose into the practice.  Kathy focuses on the yoga sutras, beginning with the 8 limbs, and has created her own style giving gratitude daily to her teachers and their teachers, on so on.  The outcome is a great community of like-minded individuals coming together as one.


The benefits of yoga are endless and experiencing it first hand has made Kathy very passionate about helping others feel better both mentally and physically.   "It's really fun and meaningful guiding and encouraging anyone willing to give yoga a try and be with them as they continue for years.  The main focus to me and what I like to share is the ability to lessen the vrittis (busy mind), the calming of the mind to gain some true inner peace and then there are the other side effects -- > improvement in quality of life, posture, breath capacity, reduction in back pain, increase in mobility, strength and flexibility to name a few. My biggest hope is a ripple effect of joy from those that join me ... may they share their inner peace, joy and compassion with as many people as possible!"


photo credit:  Bill Petrin

"Libby heads back to college!"

We are so happy for Libby, but miss her so!

photo credit:  Lori Picardi Photography