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Pop-Ups, Retreats & more....

Upcoming RETREAT

*Sold out*

Oct 20th to Oct 22nd 2023

Palisades Tahoe

Olympic Valley, CA

Enjoy this 4BR modern private home with

beautiful outdoor hot tub.

4 Yoga Practices w/morning meditation

includes 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, snacks, beverages,

evening wine tastings

Options:  hike, bike to the lake, relax,

peaceful setting for the

perfect 2-night reset! 

 In-person / hybrid Yoga

Super Bowl Sunday 2/11/24 - 9:30am

(Ladera Recreation Center-Portola Valley)

must pre-book, at

Fridays 9:30am, check the schedule

for all future classes!

(Menlo Park) 


MORE CLASSES:  stay tuned for updates at

Book online option to join live streaming

or recording is sent same day &

avail for up to 2 days to do at your convenience.


yogarok - all levels (YR)

What is yogarok?  Power Aligned Vinyasa yoga with energizing music.

The music provides a light hearted atmosphere, however the focus remains on the breath, mindful alignment, a great sweat and the many benefits of yoga surface with stillness and deep rest at the end.

myofascial release - all levels (MFR)

What's needed:

yoga therapy balls, a block, strap, your yoga mat, blanket


Deep Restore with "Self Myofascial Release"  (SMFR) is a great tool for every body. This is perfect for all ages, can complement yoga and also great for athletes, or anyone that may experience pain or tightness anywhere in the body.


Science backs up the findings and benefits of SMFR and smoothing out areas that can create chronic pain.   No matter where you are in your journey of pain treatment or prevention, this class targets various parts of the body to relieve types of pain ranging from stress to headaches to shoulder or back pain or plantar fasciitis. 


Additionally, SMFR promotes the release of endorphins to help reduce pain. Reduced soreness and improved tissue recovery: SMFR increases circulation, allowing oxygen and other nutrients to reach the muscles and other soft tissues.

Meditation - Group setting

Tap into your true self through meditation, benefits include but not limited to:

Stress relief, assists with anxiety, gain clarity, focus and peace of mind, increase in creativity and happiness, improved immunity, the more you meditate the more it helps improve your health!

Group meditation is a great way to get started - we will begin with a short seated meditation, open it up for discussion, and then settle in again for a bit longer to feel the various dynamics that come up. If you are extremely busy or have a busy mind, this is a great starting point to find more happiness and space in the mind to be able to appreciate the here and now, day in day out.


Privates for Back Pain or Preventative

No matter how long you have experienced back pain, yoga can help get your life back on track and pain free. This 45 minute private session will address your top-pain region through evaluation and your doctors diagnosis.  Kathy Petrin (E-RYT500) is Yoga Medicine certified and trained in the Spine dynamics as our bodies support system in Yoga Medicine's 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.  YM, founded by Tiffany Cruikshank, is a leader in the yoga industry for anatomy, kinesiology, etc, bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine & has been working with Doctors, Chiropractors and PT specialists.


This private can also be helpful if you don't have back pain to test awareness in asymmetries, posture and weaknesses that will be helpful as you start up or continue your yoga practice, athletic endeavors or potential lifestyle adjustments.


To schedule, email [email protected] with a brief description of:

1.  general area of pain 2.  how long experiencing pain  3.  If any diagnosis has already been made.


I look forward to working with you and have made the sessions 45 minutes to keep it more affordable and time sensitive to busy lifestyles.

Offered via Zoom platform

Price:  $125 (45 mins)  $150 (60 mins)

Allow for 10-15 minutes of intake time for first session.



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