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Why teach yoga?  Purely for the love of yoga and family, friends, we are in this together and to me, yoga, the practice, makes for a more fulfilling life ... the mental and physical benefits I've felt, and feeling so inspired by my teachers and the teachings (the sutras) that I had to share this something special in an approachable way.  To me, it's discovering the difference between existing and living.... getting out of our comfort zone on the mat to question our purpose off the mat, find our true self aside from all of the "stuff" that really just doesn't matter, digging deeper allows for an understanding of ourselves, our purpose, eventually developing more happiness, better health and better relationships with ourself our loved ones, this is yoga to me ... and of course, a great sweat too!

For the Love of Yoga - Testimonials


"Well, what can I say? I cannot express how impactful your class was to our community today. As I sat at lunch, people walked up and thanked me for bringing you to campus and I could hear others talking about the experience. I heard someone say that the heat in the room was due to more than just the physical activity, but the energy that we all created together and connected us. How awesome is that! We would love to explore some sort of weekly yoga or something or at least a more frequent on-campus class. Do you think that could be a possibility? I’d love to talk to you about the options. Thank you again for sharing your fantastic yoga practice with us. I’m still smiling!"

"Thanks Kathy! Loved your class yesterday. It was awesome :). Hope you have a great week!"


"Hi Kathy,

You are an angel!!!  The exercises definitely got me through the holidays.  What a difference from last year.  I have been faithful in doing the stretches between clients and I think that it made a huge difference.  Absolutely no pain and I even added in more clients.  You are a life saver!!!!!  
Huge hugs coming your way, ..."


"I kind of feel like calling you Dr. Petrin!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful evaluation and follow up here -- I am on it!"


"Thank you for a great class, really, it was amazing on so many different levels, thank you."


"Shannon and I LOVE your Sunday class...seriously its the best workout thing we have found since moving here."


"Just thought you should know how wonderful the class was and how SPECTACULAR YOU are.  We are so fortunate to have each other.  It makes life even more special than it already is."


"What a great class - I have never sweated so much and felt so GOOD afterwards.  I'll see you next Sunday."


"I love your classes!  Great music and I always feel great.  I'm actually walking taller today after yesterday's class!  Thank you for introducing me to yogaRok - it's TOTALLY making a difference for me - hugs."


"Dear Kathy, I cannot thank you enough for that wonderful, healing practice on Friday. All of us felt so cared for and connected…you are just AMAZING.   Just magical. The hip openers were perfect too and I think all of us were walking a little funny over the weekend!  Thank you, thank you, thank you again. We are all looking forward to our next yoga journey on 3/17 at 10:30am. I hope you had a wonderful weekend."

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