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It's been over a year.....

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

While the company I dove into 150% had been developing this premier 7 international patented product for over two decades, then released in 2016 - for some reason I wasn't introduced until November 2020 (completely upon my own investigating) - and it has completely changed the trajectory of my wellness journey, for my friends, my family and the aging process. To be grateful is an understatement, and to know that this was meant to be and without coincidence is something I accept, cheer on my friends every single day that have joined me in sharing and daily taking their 2T/day. Oddly enough I have created more connection than I thought possible mid-pandemic, staying home most of the time (insert some travel adventures as I "lost my businesses" due to covid and no longer was the brick and mortar business owner as I had been since early 2000!

What is she talking about, you say? Formulated, patented, duplicatable? Nope ....

This is a Liquid matrix of 3 main ingredients, that work naturally as though our body is producing it ourselves. Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid + Condrodium Sulfate - we have four different types BUT all four have the same patent ingredients, so you know you are in good hands with whichever one you try! While FDA is not a supporter of all things supplements, this product is backed by with a seal on the bottle by "Canada Health" and even covered by their health insurance. We also follow the same high EU standards on clean products, a big step above US standards for toxicity of products, these are top notch and highly sought after clean living brand. If you are interested in the products, hope on my page use my personal code to get $10 off and be linked to me as your personal concierge! My code is also 7960263 in case you get off of the embedded links, my name should pop up as your referral "Kathy Petrin".

I look forward to being of service to you and walking this path together! Aging is the biggest blessing and not to be used as an excuse.... With a now extensive life history, more wisdom and appreciation, I still feel 25, until I look up, LOL, at my 21yo son, 17yo son, and squeeze on my 14yo son! In gratitude, thank you for reading, we are one.

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