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Why You Need this Supplement - just 2T/day

"As we age, we dry and crack" when I heard this, it just resonated with me, this is not the

type of hydrating we get from drinking water, this is "more like motor oil for your body". Back in college I had a running coach that, every single day would give me a hard time about my shoes, she reminded me every day that I needed better shoes, she said "so, you buy new tires for your car, right? You need new shoes." Well, after a few weeks, I went and bought the new shoes "running shoes" (saved my Reebok high tops for around town with those big chunky pink socks, lol, yes it's true), and it was a morning celebration on the track that day, the teacher noticed right away and everyone was dancing "NEW SHOES" and of course, as anyone would guess, I felt better all around. At that young, broke, college age, I learned then and there that investing in my own health was number one, there are many things I can cut back on, but health is not one of them. This is what I encourage my friends and family to do as well. We have this one life, do not scrimp on any wellness tools, tips and supplements, I'd be happy to consult with you as I do recommend a specialist before you dive into vitamins, etc at the local health store, there is not a one size fits all and there are many variables when it comes to supplements that most people are unaware of.

Enter my discovery into this highly sought after liquid matrix nutraceutical. Results do vary for nearly everyone I work with, ranging from messages such as "my eyelashes are growing, my knees not longer hurt, my shoulder pain is gone, I feel great, my skin feels more youthful and hydrated, I see a difference". The list goes on and on and nothing makes me happier than happy friends and family!

What to do? Take it consistently, daily, 2T/day, morning and night, that is it. Since this is not a pharmaceutical but rather a nutraceutical, it should be used for about 90 days - the longer you use it the better the results, it will nourish, heal, deliver nutrients to areas that need it most first. It will improve gut health, strengthen nails, provide hair growth, moisturize skin from the inside-out, lessen wrinkles, even out skin-tone, lubricate joints and connective tissue alleviating discomfort and many more benefits may arise.

My initial hope was to improve my tired skin - after about 3 weeks I recognized that my skin was now so moist it was as though I had night cream on it (but didn't), when I woke up I touched my face and it was the same, still in disbelief, here and there I do that and yep, more plumpness, more moisture, even skin tone and a nice glow! I now add in the same patented ingredient topical for even more glow and feel confident to be reversing the aging process without any medical procedures. If you do visits of Botox or the like, this aides in stretching out your appointments.

Collagen has been a buzz word for the past 3-5++ years and it is available in powder by the bucket loads everywhere from Costco to TJ Maxx, important things to know:

Powder ingests at most 30%, many do not ingest at all, 0-18%, and do nothing.

Ingredients matter - note that "bovine" is not specifically stating what you are consuming and there is no regulation, expect everything off the cow that doesn't go into the main food channels and then dried and ground up, to include: bones, cartilage, butt, nose, eyes, even growths, ok yes gross - I knew this never sat well with me without even knowing the "growths" part, so let me retrieve the full container I have that expired in 2017, when you don't even know, but you do! Marine collagen is said to have some small noticeable benefits, however research questions the water and also pointing out the obvious, we are not fish, nor do our bodies emulate fish and not cows either for that matter.

So what is in the liquid variation you ask and why does it work? It is a type 2 collagen and blend of two other key ingredients, referring to this as a "Matrix" not just collagen. This is apples to oranges of any of the powders or even other brands or other forms on the market. The matrix is holding 7-international patents and emulates what our body already produces. The percentage of ingredients is also what our body naturally houses, hence the bioavail and the way it is ingested (beginning in the mouth, the capillaries) the body accepts it as it's own. There is even a patent on the source! So, beware of the knock - offs, this source is a small millimeter of a tiny bit of chicken sternal cartilage. There is no blood source in this area so even folks of a vegan lifestyle are regular clients. I had dramatic hair growth in the first two months that I was completely unaware of until I saw photos from prior yoga videos, OMG - fast forward less than a year of two spoons a day... check out my hairline, the large receding spot had been there for at least six years is completely filled in with now, about five inches of new hair and I had no idea, I just thought, that is where I part my hair but I noticed in recently when a "six years ago" photo popped up! The last photo is after two months of daily doses. I also noticed my tired looking skin.

11/20/20-the day I ordered =)

11/9/21-healthy, new hair growth

1/14/21- beginning to fill in nicely

If you'd like to give it a try - please feel free to use my link for a minimum $10 off once you hit the checkout, or bigger savings with a "no obligation" smart ship - ours is that simple, adjust your cart, move the date out on the calendar, remove items / add and customize how and what you'd like to try and when. Additionally earn loyalty points aka **free product**. I hope to be a part of your wellness journey. Feel free to let me know what you think or reach out to be on Instagram at @kathyyoga or email: [email protected]. Thank you for reading!

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