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Meditation for little ones

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Introducing meditation at a young age can be fun and a way to connect... children often see this 'stillness' as a challenge and that can make it all the more exciting to be able to master! We talk that there is no right or wrong way. We get the fidgets out, then settle in ....sit as still as possible and breathe, feel each breath, like an internal wave without a beginning or end. The result may be a calming of the mind and possibly a reset from whatever is might have been going on.

I started sitting with my youngest son when he said he was thinking of scary things before bed (one night he had fear of sharks right as it was time to go to sleep). We sat up, set a timer, faced each other, eyes closed and were still. At first we would peek a little at each other and smile a smirk at each other without giving up, but kept the stillness. After just three minutes, the soft bell went off, and it was time to hit the pillow again. It was just like a miracle, thoughts of scary sharks were completely gone and he went to sleep relaxed and happy as can be!

In another instance, the sensations that my little one felt, eyes closed, not moving, are unreal. This image, my middle son (right) joins in on our meditation session when we didn't answer him as he came running up the stairs. When he joined us we had already been meditating for 10 minutes. The little one starts to struggle as you can see by his face. later he explained he could feel his older brother pushing on him "from not sitting up straight". Although he never looked at him he could feel a force or pressure on his back and in his mind he was thinking his brother just needs to sit up taller. The end result is can be a sense of accomplishment, a clean, fresh start, like a shower for the brain. Practicing breathing and quieting the mind is bound to make for a happier family, give it a try!

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